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Spain Week Four!!

Hello hello! Somehow this week is my last week in Spain 😦 It has continued to be a wonderful experience and this past week was no different, including some fun travels!

  • Monday we checked out the major department store in Spain called El Corte Inglés and let me tell you, this store was incredible! It’s basically a store that could fulfill your every need. There are 6 floors, which include clothing, accessories, cosmetics, home furnishings and decor, electronics, a bookstore, school and art supplies and a full scale grocery store. There’s nothing like it in the States and I was so impressed (it’s the little things)
  • Tuesday we went to a festival by the river in a district called Triana. It lasts a few days and devotes each day to a different female saint. We walked around the food booths and tried rebujitos, which is wine and Sprite mixed together (not too shabby!) They had pretty lights set up around the festival and music playing which made for some nice ambiance! They also had a hilarious wooden pole hanging off a boat that they greased up with oil and people would try to run out to the end of it and grab a flag without slipping off. It was great free comedy!
  • Wednesday our group visited a local startup business called Glamping Hub, which is an extremely successful booking website for glamorous camping excursions around the world. It definitely made me want to book a vacation in a treehouse somewhere. Check them out at!
  • Friday we took a bus to Lagos, Portugal! Another country to check off of my list 🙂 Lagos is a gorgeous beach town in the south of Portugal. We stayed in a hostel and were able to experience the nightlife right along with the Portuguese people (and lots of other travelers).
  • Saturday we got to do a kayak tour in the ocean and it was INCREDIBLE! We kayaked 2.5 miles along the beautiful coast and got to paddle between and under rocks and into caves. I’m sore from kayaking for 2 hours, but it was so fun and so worth it! We also got to take a break for awhile and snorkel. We got to see some fish but couldn’t stay in for long because the ocean was incredibly cold! (I think I still have goosebumps)
  • Sunday we had delicious fruit and waffles for breakfast (right up my alley) and then spent the rest of our day at the beach. The weather was great and we enjoyed just having some time to relax. Spending time in Lagos with my awesome friends I’ve made through this program was incredible and definitely one of the highlights of my whole experience!

Some cool pictures, as always:


Thank you for reading! This week we will be taking final exams (prayers please) and I will be trying to soak up every little bit of Spain possible until I have to leave. Until next week!

Hasta luego,



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