A New School Year Begins



It’s that time of year again, everybody: a new school year has started!! I’ve always been excited for back to school because it means that I have the excuse to buy new school supplies (fact about me: I am obsessed with all things school supplies, especially pens and notebooks) and it’s always so good to reunite with my friends that I’ve missed over the summer. Of course, this also means that the workload begins again, but there are so many positive things that outweigh the papers and tests that are coming my way.

This year is my THIRD/junior year at Carolina (I’m as surprised as you are) which is wild because I feel like I was a freshman yesterday. But as the cliché goes, time flies, and here we are! I have big plans for this year and several things I want to accomplish, so here’s a little life update and list of goals for my school year!


  • I am serving as the Public Relations Chair for Carolina Tap Ensemble once again and I’m looking forward to expanding our presence on campus through social media and posting/curating lots of fun content for our social media accounts! This combines my love of tap dance with my major and it’s gonna be great. If you want, follow us on Instagram @carolinatapensemble or like us on Facebook! (shameless plug)
  • I’m co-leading a small faith group this year at Newman, the Catholic student center on campus. Each week, we’ll read the gospel for that Sunday and discuss how it can apply to our lives and I’m so excited! It’s an awesome opportunity to meet new people, talk about the gospel in another setting other than Mass and work on living a Christ-centered life as a college student.
  • I recently started an exciting internship! This fall, I am working as an editorial intern at Chapel Hill, Durham and Chatham Magazines. I’m doing several different things like copyediting, writing blog posts and updating their websites, and I’m very grateful for the opportunity to develop skills this semester that will help me in the future in my career!


  • I want to continue to meet even more people and connect with more students on campus. The more people I’ve met at UNC, the more I’ve realized how many incredible people are my peers at school and I would love to keep making new friends who I can learn from and enjoy Carolina with!
  • I want to get closer to figuring out what exactly I want to do after college using my major and minor. My classes in the Media and Journalism school are helping to hone my abilities as a future Public Relations practitioner and now I just have to find out how to use them! This also includes figuring out internships to apply to for Summer 2019 in order to gain more experience.
  • I want to document even more of my school year this year, meaning more pictures, more videos and more blog posts about exciting things that are happening!
  • I want to grow in my existing friendships, grow in my faith and continue to grow into my true self. College is the best time to figure out who you are and I want to do just that with self-discovery and continuing to work on being the best version of myself that I can be. I want this year to be the BEST year yet! Academically, socially, spiritually and emotionally. I have so many exciting things to look forward to as this year progresses and I have such a good feeling about my junior year at Carolina.


It is so, so good to be back at the Southern piece of Heaven, the priceless gem, Chapel Hill. I can’t wait to document my year! GO HEELS!



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